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Hilda, a female android walks into her penthouse apartment and see Clare already being home, sitting in her chair in front of her computer. She smiles to Hilda who is wearing a simple white business suit. "Hello," she says, "Clare." "Hiya sweetie!" Clare says happily as she stands up from her desk and hugs the android tightly. "I was worried about you when I didn't hear anything from you for a while, but then your parents called me saying that they had sent you back to your apartment here." The android blushes at this, "Yes, it has been a rough few months since my return. And I am dying to fuck you cock!" she says with a smile. "Well, let's take care of those problems first before we can do anything else, don't you think?" Clare asks as she grabs Hilda by the hips and lifts her off the floor. Hilda's eyes go wide open as she looks up at Clare with excitement in her eyes. The two begin kissing passionately as Clare carries Hilda over to her bed where the android lays on her back. Clare climbs onto the bed and straddles the android on all fours, laying down on top of her. She kisses the android's neck as she slowly lowers her panties, revealing her smooth pussy which is glistening with arousal. As Clare kisses down Hilda's stomach, the android moans softly. "You're so wet," Clare whispers to her lover as she reaches her fingers inside her lover's slick cunt. Hilda grunts softly as Clare begins to finger fuck her. "Oh, yes! That feels so good," she says. Clare positions herself above Hilda's pussy and guides her cock into the android. Hilda moans loudly as she takes Clare's cock inside her. After only a few thrusts Clare begins to fuck Hilda with long deep strokes. Hilda's eyes roll back as Clare forces her cock inside the android. Clare sits up and lays down on top of Hilda, making sure to keep their bodies pressed together. "That's it baby, fuck me hard like I'm your slut!" Hilda says. Clare growls in pleasure as she continues to pound Hilda with her cock. She can feel every inch as it goes deeper and deeper into the android. It feels so good to have this sexy android beneath her, letting Clare own her body completely. Clare starts pumping faster and harder, slamming into Hilda's pussy each time she drives her cock back inside. Hilda's massive boobs bounce up and down as Clare fucks her. "Fuck me hard, just like you always do!" Hilda says. Clare kisses Hilda and rips her shirt open, exposing her large breasts. Hilda starts to suck on one of Clare's nipples as she pumps her hips up and down, fucking Hilda with her huge cock. Her cock throbs between them, growing larger and longer with each passing second. In no time, Clare's cock erupts with cum and sprays across Hilda's stomach and chest. Clare keeps pumping her cock, spraying more and more cum all over Hilda's tits. When she finally stops spurting cum, Clare lies down on top of Hilda and kisses her deeply. "Mmm, that was fantastic," she purrs. "It always is with you Clare. You are my favorite human ever!" Hilda says as she wraps her arms around Clare. "I love you too, Hilda." Clare replies as she slowly pushes her still hard cock back inside Hilda's warm pussy. *** A few hours later, Clare and Hilda are lying in bed together. They are both nude and cuddling. Hilda's head rests on Clare's shoulder while Clare's hand is gently stroking her lover's hair. "I really missed you, Clare," Hilda says. Clare nods and smiles, "Me too, babe." "What would you like to do today?" Hilda asks. "Well, how about we grab some coffee in the city? ------------------ Her 13" massive cock! Hilda, an extremely busty and hung shemale android, wakes up next to Clare, a very hung & busty shemale and she is having a massive morningwood. Hilda smiles to herself as her eyes glance toward Clare's enormous breasts before looking at Clare's large and hard cock. "Good morning!" Hilda says cheerfully. "Mornin' yourself." Clare grins broadly, then notices that Hilda's eyes are on her chest. She blushes lightly (although there isn't much room for the blush to spread), but it doesn't seem like it will bother her too much. "Well, I wouldn't mind seeing more..." Hilda looks back over towards Clare. There is a hint of lust in her eyes now. "Are you sure you don't wanna feel?" Clare asks with a naughty tone. "I'm sure," Hilda replies matter-of-factly, not even hiding her smirk from Clare. "You've got me hard enough as it is." "Yeah? Well, if you're already so hard..." Clare pulls down Hilda's panties and starts licking on her beautiful huge intact cock. "Oh... oh yes!" Hilda moans. "Your cock tastes great, I love sliding my tongue inside your foreskin. It's really sensitive. And I love how big you are! Mmm, this feels wonderful!" Clare continues to lick on Hilda's cock, sliding her tongue all around the head. "Yes! Oh god, yes!" Hilda moans loudly. "Aaaahh, ahahaha! Ah, fuck, you're getting me so hot." Clare licks up and down Hilda's shaft, using her hands to stroke the base of Hilda's cock while she sucks on the tip. Clare moves up on top of Hilda and slides her massive wet cock into her tight asshole, little by little her asshole stretches to accommodate Hilda's size until finally it pops open wide enough for Hilda's huge cock to slide right in. Hilda squeezes her massive boobs around Clare's huge cock and licks and kisses it at each thrust as Clare pumps her ass up and down on Hilda's cock. "Mm-hmmm, yeah, fuck me, baby," Hilda moans. Clare moans as well and starts fucking Hilda harder. This makes Hilda moan louder and faster, causing Clare to speed up as well. Soon they are both grunting loudly, slamming their asses up and down against one another. The bed shakes with every impact and the walls rattle. Every few strokes, Hilda's cock goes deep inside of Clare's tight ass, pushing her limits. Then, just when Clare is about to cum from this intense butt fucking, Hilda grabs Clare's waist tightly and pounds her even harder, making Clare scream out loud. "Ahhhhhhh!!" Clare screams. Her orgasm hits her and she cums hard, pumping her cum out on Hilda's massive breasts and face and as her asshole tightens harder around Hilda's huge cock, Hilda thrusts forward again and fucks Clare through her orgasm, moaning deeply. Hilda moans loud as she finishes her own orgasm, pumping half of a liter of cum into Clare. She gently kisses Clare on her lips and then rolls off of her. Hilda's cum starts to leak out of Clare's ass and onto Hilda's cock. Both girls reached orgasm almost simultaneously, moaning and shaking with pleasure. They lie together, panting, smiling as they enjoy the afterglow. Clare has a satisfied smile on her face and she lays her head on Hilda's cum covered breast, tasting her own cum on Hilda's nipple. They lay like this until Hilda's dick softens and slips out of Clare's ass and cum starts to leak from Clare's ass and onto Hilda's cock. "That was fucking amazing," Clare says softly. "Mm-hmm, it definitely was." Hilda agrees with a slight chuckle. Clare looks up at Hilda and smiles widely. "I think we should do it again sometime." "You have no idea how much I agree with you."